Freshwater Aquarium Setup

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Are you planning to have a Freshwater Aquarium Setup, but not sure how to set up an aquarium for tropical fish? Here’s a complete guide that will help you to setup up your very own Tropical Fish Aquarium. We have … Continued

Starting the Biological Cycle in your Aquarium

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The Biological Cycle or Nitrogen Cycle You must exercise patience when setting up a new freshwater tropical aquarium. It takes time for nature’s biological process to begin working in your aquarium… usually a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks. Here’s … Continued

Top 5 Fish for Nano Aquariums

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Nano aquariums have a special place in our hearts, small high tech planted tanks, or small cubes make a great addition to a bedroom, office, kitchen counter top etc.  Here’s a list of the best fish for a nano aquarium! … Continued