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Did you see a spectacular aquarium at your local fish store or friends place? Well if you are thinking, ‘these fish will require lots of maintenance and care!’ you are probably right!

Aquariums are serious business but the fruit is definitely sweet. But does that mean only people with a lot of time available to dedicate to the hobby can get into it? Not at all… We all have to start somewhere..

Here is a list of some easy to keep fish so you can really explore the hobby at the start and not have to worry too much or kick yourself about it!

Top 3 Aquarium Fish for Beginners


Mollies (Poecilla sphenops) is a live-bearing fish originating from Mexico. They are versatile, active and display interesting behaviour when kept in appropriate numbers. Best part is that they are relatively small in size and are quite hardy. They come in various different colours, so everyone can have their pick!

More importantly though, these are peaceful fish, they can be housed in a minimum aquarium size of 10 gallons. They are not picky eaters and will take a wide variety of foods.


Platies (Xiphophorus genus) Another live-bearing fish that is robust. Plates are native to Central America and South Mexico. They are popular in the aquarium hobby and are most commonly kept fish, but no surprise there. They are extremely beautiful, small and adapt well.

These fish are peaceful and will be a perfect addition to your first aquarium. A 10 gallon aquarium should be sufficient for a small group (5-6) if these. They are omnivorous and will take a variety of dried food.

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami (Trichogaster lalius) A beautiful and interesting species of fish that you will just love to have in your aquarium. The dwarf gourami is a labyrinth fish (same family as the betta), meaning they will breathe from the air. Originating in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, this fish is well suited for a small aquarium and is very hardy.

Ideally one would look at a 15 gallon aquarium for a couple of these; however, you could do with a 10 gallon with adequate filtration. These fish have a unique personality and are not picky eaters.

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